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Date: July 9th 2009

Free WorldNav
Waypoint Converter
TeleType now offers free of charge a converter to streamline entry of large numbers of waypoints avoiding the need to use a manual process. [Details]

Enhanced website offers pre-sales and post-sales support materials including User Guides, Video Tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions.

Developer Tools - In addition to the off the shelf products, TeleType also offers licensing of its navigation software to developers.

Large Screen Truck GPS
TeleType continues to offer it\x92s popular larger screen GPS models with 7\x94 screens and rugged casing making these devices the favorite among commercial drivers. All devices regardless of screen size have been updated to the latest software and maps.

Navigation panel changes color based on travel conditions. Green -normal truck travel, Gray - no signal such as being in a tunnel
Red - restricted\x96 get out immediately!

How to use multiple stop routing. Use the Route via point setting to create routes based on your own points. [details]

Where to buy Truck GPS
Products are also available through major truck stops and on line resellers.


How to get upgrade
Upgrades will be given free to those that purchased in the last 30 days (must present proof of purchase), others may purchase the update for the reduced price of $79, reg is $129 for one time update.

For more information please contact TeleType with version number you are using [How to check version no.]

Extended Warranties are available. Please ask for details or visit our on line store.

Contact Us
TeleType Co. Inc.
44 School Street, Suite #1000
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 1.617.542.6220
(Toll free for US)
Fax: 1.925.226.1558
M-F 8-6 EST,
Sat 12-5 EST

 WorldNav truck navigation avoids low bridges and other hazards by checking the entire route ahead of time.
(Green Panel)

  Restricted – Trucks get out immediately
(Red Panel)

  Temporarily no signal -
  most likely in a tunnel
(Gray Panel)

WORLDNAV VERSION 7 RELEASED TeleType is pleased to announce the availability WorldNav version 7 software and maps for the Commercial GPS product line for truck drivers. The company offers several GPS models specifically designed for truck drivers.        The WorldNav portable truck GPS models feature navigation software which allows truck drivers to create routes based on the exact size and weight of their vehicles. The new software offers updated maps with additional restrictions, additional truck stop and rest stops listings, CAT scale locations, distribution centers, improved short distance routing, and offers multiple point routing. [How to Upgrade]

Improved Routing:

  • Multiple point routing allows you to select "via" points so you can make an unlimited number of stops in the route.
  • Optimized routing for various settings such Quickest, Shortest, Prefer Freeways, with option to avoid tolls, producing routes that are more economical.

New Maps:

  • New U.S. maps provide updated road and restriction information.
  • Greater number of Points of Interest, including increased number of truck stops and CAT scale locations.
  • State borderlines are now displayed on the mapping screen providing drivers the ability to more easily document crossing state lines.
  • Increased the number of Rest Stop listings, and the stops are now available as a separate category.

Version 7 New Features:

  • Faster map refresh.
  • Additional settings and improvements for the Navigation Panel
  • More natural address input: House number is entered before the street name.
  • Searchable MyPoints option, allows search for user created points by name for use in Via Point Routing.
  • Show Services (points of interest) along the route. Displays desired points such as truck stops from current position forward along the route.
  • Easy transfer of your points and history from old memory chip to the new chip.
  • Pronunciation of street name is slower, providing more time for the driver to understand the instruction.
  • Navigation panel changes color based on conditions of travel
  • Product overview and Tutorial movies provided on the memory card, help prospective and current customers to use and understand the navigation system.
  • Search for Truck Stops by selecting truck stop brand name resulting in faster and easier access to desired truck stops.
  • Zoom out function has been enhanced to provide a more detailed map view and to more easily see the entire route.

[Learn more about the new features here.]


Why We're Better
  1. Producing truck friendly routing for the entire route
  2. Ability to enter any size and weight and have the map visibly change
  3. Visible differences in the map showing truck restricted areas in bright pink
  4. Easy Updating and Upgrading
  5. Finds addresses that competitor systems are unable to locate
  6. Extensive Points of Interest database
  7. Intelligent re-route/detour
  8. Large screen
  9. Outstanding live customer service

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