WorldNav Truck GPS Update Available

Date: October 3rd 2008

TeleType is pleased to announce the availability of updated software and maps to the WorldNav Truck GPS product line. TeleType offers the only touch screen GPS product line that has been specifically designed for commercial drivers as the routes follow roads that are suitable for truck travel by taking into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, as well as load limits. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact TeleType Support hotline toll free at 1-800-717-4478.

  1. Updated, significantly improved map coverage.
  2. Improved routing and re-routing.
  3. Support for routing of emergency vehicles.
  4. Expanded listings for truck stops (including more chains such as Loves, Flying J’s, Petrol, Travel Centers of America abbreviation = TA.
  5. Repeat upcoming voice instruction.
How to Receive update:
  1. Email:
  2. Call: 1-800-717-4478 or 1-617-542-6220, M-F 9-5 EST.
  3. On Line:
    WorldNav One-time Truck Update (SD card exchange)
      Price: $99 - $79.00
    WorldNav Truck Updates - 1 Year (SD card exchange)
       You are guaranteed at least 2 updates during the year.
      Price: $139.00

Note: Upgrades are offered free of charge to customers who purchased an eligible product after July 1, 2008.
If you purchased an eligible product before July 1, 2008 you may purchase the upgrade at the reduced price of $79; regularly $99.



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